CIA spy chief Thomas Lucid MAAG id card for Vietnam War created CIA 1949 MACV

This is the MAAG i.d. (Military Assistance Advisory Group) entry card for the man who essentially help create the CIA... at least mechanically converted the CIC into the CIA. Spy craft material is hard to find... this belongs in a museum.
Thomas A. Lucid joined the CIA in August 1949 after serving with the 430th CIC Detachment in Austria . Born in 1917, Lucid had been an Army captain for five years and served with the 88th CIC Detachment in Italy and Austria . A lawyer by training, Lucid remained in Austria as a civilian employee and CIC section chief in Linz . Lucid spent ten years (1949-1959) at Pullach and later served in South Vietnam and Taiwan . Lucid helped transform the CIC into the CIA. He capped his career as chief of base in Munich, and retired in 1972. Lucid died in 1985.
I believe everyone coming into the country then came under the MAAG umbrella... Special Forces, advisors, CIA... and the numbers were restricted by the Geneva Treaty, until 1965 when the build-up began. They checked into the headquarters on Tran Hung Dao Street (see photo of card) in the area now understood as being the most heavily infested with V.C. in all of Saigon... the Pham Ngu Lao area. Right around the corner from the 4th street bridge, where the old river pirate gang used to hang out. The CIA and the VN military fought against French
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