Cigar Box Style Homemade Electric Acoustic Guitar

Cigar Box Style Homemade Electric Acoustic Guitar
For sale i have a Homemade electric acoustic cigar box style guitar.
The body is made from 6mm ply and on the front has inlays of Teak, Walnut and Oak. The Neck is made from one piece of Ash and has lovely dark grain through it.
The Frets have been measured out and set as per a standard stratocaster. 4 brand new machine heads set in at the top. The Nut at the top is simple made from a cut down piece of threaded bolt and the bridge is made from a single piece of Teack which has bee raised up by 3 2 pence pieces to get a nice low action for the strings. The strings are secured at the bottom by a simple cupboard hinge that has bee drilling to accommodate the strings and they are set down simple by two screws with washers attached. They are brand new strings also.
Inside is a small Piezo mandolin electric pickup. This has be set in place inside the main body of the guitar and the jack socket is drilled into place at the base.
Below is a link to a short youtube video, this is the guitar that is for sale and to show that it is in good working order. Played through a marshal amp with no effects at all.
I am happy to organise postage at buyers cost if needed. *48hr tracked is £11