Cigar Cutter S.T Dupont

cigar cutter: discover the world of S.T. Dupont

Alone with a good cigar... S.T. Dupont enables you to experience these precious moments with luxurious accessories designed for the connoisseur.

Although choosing the cigar is of vital importance, it must then be kept under perfect conditions, making the humidor indispensable. We have opted for an understated yet high-class look with bold lines.

The cigar cutter by S.T. Dupont: smoking is an art.

It's a time-honoured ritual. You have chosen your cigar, whose flavour and strength correspond to the moment and your mood. For the next step, we propose the S.T. Dupont doubled-bladed cigar cutter, in subdued, elegant steel, and designed to offer a perfect match with each of our ashtrays.

The indispensable ashtray becomes an integral part of a unique moment.

An S.T. Dupont ashtray is above all a visual experience: The purity of the porcelain and the elegance of the palladium set off the clean lines and attention to detail. This aesthetic awareness has been coupled with careful consideration of the best way to support the cigar, enabling you to savour the moment at your leisure.