THE CIGAR GOLF BAG - Tubes/Torch Lighter/Cigar Cutter

The coolest way to carry your precious cigars on the golf course is...

The Cigar Golf Bag.

Four large ring gauge, airtight, crushproof, plastic tubes protect your cigars from damage inside a miniature replica of a golf bag. Included in the side pouches are a reliable butane torch lighter and a double blade stainless steel cigar cutter.

The Cigar Golf Bag is constructed of heavy rip-stop nylon and comes in a beautiful forest (golf course grass) green with black trim. A metal clip allows it to be attached to your golf bag and it also comes with three golf tees.

The cigar golf bag only comes in green

The Cigar Golf Bag retails on the average for $25.00 to $32.00. Your Ebay price is a real bargain!