Cinderella Castle Disney Fine Art Canvas Disney Princes

Regular edition of 195
20"x 24"
Hand embellished giclee on canvas
Artist: Rodel Gonzalez
Certificate of Authenticity. Limited Edition, Hand signed, and Numbered. Image not to scale.
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Rodel Gonzalez is an artist of inspirational talents with a keen eye for seeing the beauty in the commonplace and grace in the ordinary. His story starts with an initiation into the art business through the tutelage of his father, Rick Gonzalez and grandfather, Felix Gonzalez, at the age of 9. �Growing up my father would always tells me to not be intimidated by the paint and be 100 % sure about my intentions on my first stroke at the canvas� says Rodel. His explorations of color, form, and composition ignited a lifelong passion for the arts in its many forms.
He studied at the University of Santo Tomas, with a major in painting and went on to earn a degree in Interior Design from the Philippines School of Interior Design. This early training required perseverance in acquiring the skills and discipline that would prove to serve him well in future endeavors on his path to artistic freedom.
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