RARE Circa 1870's French Brass Continental Microscope Constant Vérick E Hartnack

Vérick brass continental microscope – circa 1870's

Constant Vérick advertised himself as a élève spécial de E. Hartnack (special pupil of E. Hartnack) both in the signatures he used for some of his instruments and in his catalogs. He apprenticed to Edmund Hartnack before going off on his own around 1877. By the mid 1870's he established his own firm where a number of different microscope models were produced, among which is the continental style model presented here. The base of this meticulously constructed instrument is signed in elegant script, "C. Vérick, élève special de E. Hartnack, rue de la Parcheminerie, 2, Paris".

Please view photos carefully as they are a part of the description of this item.

The original wooden case ha some cracks. It does however have the original key and working lock. I believe there may have been a small mirror or lens that attached to the clip but I am not sure. Other than that I think everything else is here and there may even be a few extras that did not originally come with this microscope.

The matching serial number on the wooden case and the microscope itself is #2754. This is a pretty low number.