Rare Circa 1930's Original Signed Photo Postcard, Nita Rosslyn-The Giirl in Red

Vintage original photo postcard signed for my father in the 1930's by Nita Rosslyn - "The Girl in Red"

This is a very rare signed photo of a very remarkable woman.

Researched: Hervey Bay Historical Museum, Queensland

" The Girl in Red" - Nita Rosslyn

On July 10th, 1930, English variety artist from Manchester, Miss Nita Rosslyn set out on her bicycle from London with 5/- (shillings) to her name. Nita planned to tour the United Kingdom for a wager "to prove that variety was not dead" in spite of the rage for Talkie films. She intended to cover her costs by performing. After 4 and a half years and 40,000 miles, Nita extended her tour to all corners of the globe, including Australia, calling it a " Voluntary Goodwill Tour" She was presented her new bicycle prior to her departure by the British Cycles, Motor Cycles and Traders Union Ltd at the Olympia Hall Trade Show in London on November 7th, 1934.

Her new steed featured lever brakes, internally geared rear hub, full chain guard, saddle bag carriers and a carbide lamp and carried her over 125,000 miles (approx. 200,00 km) on foreign roads in all weather and all times of the day. Nita raised her foot on the pedals an estimated 95,000,000 times during her journey.

A documented account made by Nita on December 6th, 1937 described some
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