You know these ones... The classic toy from Texas Instruments gets the Bogus Noise rerub. Bent that bit more than most on eBay, this has been made to give full on glitch satisfaction. 24 Modifications have been made to this device, starting with a disableable pitch control, and two pitch body contacts to pitch the machine down by hand. 5 glitch switches to confuse the unit into garbled speech or ambient sonar drones, which can be used individually or together.
For the synthesists, there is a newly-added LFO circuit connected to the pitch, with rate, shape (variable between square and triangle) and depth controls. Great for extraterrestrial sirens and alarms. There's also a looping section which yields bizarre tones and clangs, and a tweak switch that adds a crazy distorted edge to the speech. For tweaking the sound that comes out of the unit, 2 distortions mangle the speech in a unique pitching way.
And for when it all gets a bit much for the way the manufacturer intended, a reset switch is there for your convenience. And also with convenience in mind, a 1.4" output jack provided to send the output to a recording device, amp, or run it through effects pedals... the best way to get a sense of what this machine can do is to watch the video clip below, so get to it!
Added Features Pitch Knob with Disable Switch
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