Rare Circulated 1890-CC Carson City 1890 Philadelphia Mint Morgan Silver Dollars

1890-CC 1890 (No mint mark)

Both Circulated

Morgan Silver Dollars

90% Silver Dollar over 120 years Old Key Date Carson City Mint Mark Legal USA Silver Coinage Investments and Collections See HD Scan coins scanned = coins shipped Carson City Mint History : The state of Nevada was once part of the Utah Territory, and known as Carson County. The first settlers arrived in Eagle Valley in 1851, establishing a trading post for the great 'gold' migrations to California. Most of the settlers returned to Salt Lake City with the ebbing of the California Gold Rush, and an empty Eagle Valley was ultimately purchased for $500 and some horses by New Yorker Abraham Curry and friends. Curry founded Carson City (named after the trailblazer Kit Carson) in 1858, but his wildest dreams of building a city could never have envisioned the growth that would follow the 1859 discovery of the Comstock Lode. The Comstock was probably the richest deposit of silver ore ever found.

At first, the silver ore (and smaller quantities of gold) was shipped over the Sierra Nevada Range to the San Francisco Mint, at great expense. Mine operators lobbied Congress for a branch mint in Nevada itself, after being rejected by Mint Director James Pollock. The Nevada Mint Bill was passed by both the House and the Senate on March 3, 1863, but didn'

Machinery for the Carson City Mint--exceedingly heavy coin presses, blanking presses, and rolling mills--were shipped by sea around the Horn, most of it arriving in late 1868.

Tests of the machinery were conducted at various times during 1869, but the dies didn't arrive from Philadelphia until January 10, 1870. The first coins struck were Liberty Seated silver dollars, on February 11, 1870, followed shortly thereafter by gold eagles.

It is true the Carson City mint struck other coin denominations besides the silver dollar. But the Carson City silver dollars seem to be particularly popular with collectors, as the silver dollar or “Cartwheel” is synonymous with the huge Comstock Lode silver strikes of the late 1800's. And though the Carson City mint struck Seated Liberty dollars and Trade dollars in the 1870's, it is the Carson City Morgan dollars of 1878-93 that draw the most collector attention. It is the Carson City Morgan dollar that most collectors can envision tumbling out of money bags when high-rolling gamblers of the Old West played risked their fortunes in the saloons of Virginia City and Carson City. In fact, if you go into Virginia City’s Silver Queen Saloon today, you’ll see a huge painting of the Creole “Silver Queen” herself, Julia Burlette, decked out in a flowing gown made up of over 3,000 Morgan dollars!

The Carson City mint was always a low mintage mint from the beginning. This is why Silver Dollars struck there are harder to procure than the ones minted at Philadelphia, San Francisco and New Orleans. Coining operations ceased finally in 1893, though the mint operations carried on for years afterwards as an assay office. Today, the Carson City mint hosts a museum display of its mint days, as well as the Nevada state history museum, complete with a mine shaft recreation!

The U.S. Treasury held hoards of mint-state Carson City Morgan dollars of 1878, 1880-85 in its vaults until 1974. At that time, the vaults were opened, and thousands upon thousands of Carson City Morgan dollars were auctioned off to the public for just a few dollars each. Whoever bought one of those dollars then, has made a tidy little profit. The dates of 1878, 1882, 1883, 1884, 1890 and 1891 are the ...
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