This new copy of the 2001 CIRCUS & CARNIVAL TRUCKS 1923-2000 Photo archive of trucks adapted by circuses and other traveling shows. Included are trucks from Mack, Chevy, Ford, International, Kenworth, Bluebird Coach, Freightliner, General Motors CCKW, Dodge, GMC, Cummings, White, Diamond T, Mercedes-Benz, Studebaker and much more. Historical pictures of Circuses including Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey, Cole Bros., Carson-Barnes, Clyde Beatty, Dailey Bros., Allan C.Hill. King Bros.,Roger Bros., Biller Bros., Cristiani Bros., Kelly Miller, Circus Vargas, Campa Bros.,Great American, Big John Strong and carnivals Johnny J.Jones, Cetlin & Wilson ,Royal American & James E. Strates Shows. Including the Definitions of terms meaning of outdoor amusement talk. This is a 126 page book. of historical photos.

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