Circus Wagon "O" Scale white tiger's wagon #11 NR

Please excuse my lack of knowledge of what some of these wagons are called, but I'll do my best. This auction is for a unique white wood with plastic wheel sets "O" scale tiger's circus wagon. There is no Lettering on this wagon. Not sure of manufacture and year produced, but a great addition to any circus setting that you might have. All wagons are vintage kits and show signs of age and the normal wear and tear. Not for sure if all parts are present, be sure to look at photos good. I have a bag of extra parts and I will place the parts that I feel goes with the wagon. The wagon does not have a front tongue(the pull pole that the horses or animals are hook to) This wagon is just one of over 35 wagons and flatcars that I will be listing. Several wagons are metal named wagons such as Pawnee Bill and Western Hempishere. I plan on listing all items in the group seperate, please do not ask me to do a buy it now for single items or the whole group. If you have any further questions, please email me. I don't always check my auctions with all that I'm trying to get done. Please don't wait till the end of the auction to ask questions. I don't watch my auctions closings. Due to the special care in packing, shipping to the USA will be $8. I will only ship to the USA and Canada. I have listed it as shipping by way of Parcel Post. If Priority

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