Cirque du Soleil Kate Church Collection Figurine ZEBRA!

Cirque du Soleil Kate Church Collection Figurine ZEBRA!
Cirque du Soleil Collectible Figurine Doll Souvenir from the Kate Church collection. Doll has never been used. Still has plastic wrap around the arms and protective plastic shell around the head just the same as the day it was purchased. What a fantastic holiday gift for the Cirque Du Soleil Fan in your family. Flexible and filled with bean like materials. Doll is approximately 9.5 inches in length. So you can pose this fabulous collectible how you like. Original retail value = $59.99
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The ZEBRAS "Plunged into the wonder, terror and joy of "O", the zebras struggle to maintain balance in a stormy universe. They constantly realign themselves, hanging on until the very end. Their entire number takes place suspended in mid-air. Resembling a playground jungle gym, the giant aerial frame they use was created by Cirque du Soleil specialists to facilitate choreography and gymnastics in an aerial space between the sky and the water."
Zebra figurine
This whimsical figurine by artist and designer Kate Church is inspired by the enchanting Zebra characters in the Cirque du Soleil
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