1950's LP Cities Service 50th Anniversary-Jubilee Marches

Vinyl Near Mint Jacket Near Mint Sleeve Original Label RCA Custom Records Special Pressing Year 1950's Original Yes

While the marches are fine pieces, this is a rare piece for a petroliana collector in general, or a Cities Service collector in particular.

Record and jacket are in superb condition and would make a fine addition to any collection.

A rare piece that you can enjoy for years to come.

Record condition is superb and the fidelity is true to life.

My records are graded by traditional Goldmine standards. I don't sell records with a grading of less than VG unless it is obscenely rare in any condition.

Most of my records will grade from VG+ to M- with a conservative approach that dictates a borderline record will receive a lower grading rather than a "push" higher.

M- / Visually without blemishes save for very minor lines or scuffs that are most likely attributable to sleeve marks, Sonically with no or virtually no sound other than that of the recording itself (no pops,crackles, ticks or hissing).

VG+ / More obvious visual signs of imperfections, pressing imperfections (bubbles for example, that do not impact play quality) light "skid" marks that can be seen but not "felt", some perceptable
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