THE CIVIL WAR CHRONICLE NEWSPAER WITH DATES ALL BETWEEN 1861 - 1865 / WONDERFUL UPDATES FROM BOTH SIDES, THE ONLY PAPER TO DO THIS!!! is a great Newspaper that is dated on the top of every page... each one varys in date as this set is five pages long, front and back, and goes between 1861 and 1865!!! Amazing info as this was the only paper to have correspondents with the armies of both North and South. Up to the minute news reports from Battlefield and Political Front. This is what paper says at top right under the "The Civil War Chronicle." Some headlines in this particular paper is: "Famed Raider left for dead after attack." (Mosby) , "Hood's Army Destroyed.", "Petersburg Falls, Lee Retreats!" , " CSA Congress Approves Negro Draft" , " Lincoln Releases CSA Lieutenant" , "Custer Leads Last Assault In Shen'doah", and MANY, MANY, MANY More!!! Excellent reading material and some great photos!!! Refer to pics above for better details, all pics from paper you will recieve. If you need anymore, I can send if you email me. Paper is very delicate and has yellowing throughout. T are a couple small tears in the folds, but this is how I recieved it, and doesn't hurt the paper at all in my opinion. Great conversation piece for civil war collectors or anyone doing school report, etc. I do not know if this paper is 100% authentic as I'm not

Most of my Civil War items come from Documented Civil War Homes that my family has owned over the years. My family had two members of the Civil War and both were Generals, one was General going into and another was made General during. One on my mother's side and one on my father's side. We have a great deal of items and most are being kept for the little ones. But I am selling some of these items that I have found in these homes and surrounding land. I am a digger and most every item you find on , I have found or family members already had and gave to me or willed to me. Alot of the items will have COA's and can be tied to specific people and battles. Some I even can give you most of t background history. I don't disclose the names of homes or areas, etc as I already have a great deal of work with keeping the night time diggers away and others from beating on the door at all , I do apologize, but I'm sure most of you can understand this. Nothing against digging, as I'm an avid digger myself. I will however give all info with the items once they are purchased. I send detailed letters to the buyer explaining most everything I know about the item or items. These are not your ordinary homes either, two of them have been in movies, and one still has cannon ball in the wall, one still has rings in walls and trees along with slave quarters on property, another was Robert E. Lee's favorite place to stay when in the area and another was a General's last home he stayed in before he was mortally wounded in battle. Now, t were tons of other great Generals, soldiers and so on that passed through these homes and land and we have tons of history to prove that. We have many items in Museums and some items I have for sale have been in Museums. Any collector knows that if he can put an item to a specific place, battle or person the item or relic is worth ALOT more and I can do this with most of my items.

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