Civil War era BATTLE ALARM

Referred to by collectors as a BATTLE RATTLE, BATTLE ALARM or FIRE ALARM these heavy oak alarms fit properly in both fire and military groupings of the Civil War era. Military utilization of the spinning alarm is most frequently associated with the shipboard Navy or infantry entrenchments such as those around Petersburg however presents under other circumstances (see: Gettysburg Visitors Center, Civil War Museum collection) would indicate a broader use possibly as a picket alarm. This example remains in functioning condition with evidence of period use and an eye appealing age patina. Illustrated here with a U.S. quarter for size comparison, this offering will fit well with either fire fighter or military collectables of the Civil War era. please note: ALL ITEMS ARE CURRENT & AVAILABLE UNLESS MARKED SOLD!!. If you are new to our catalog and wish additional information or just to learn who we are, please check out our home page. Thanks for visiting our catalog!!