Civil War era Brass Field Glasses circa 1860's

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A pair of U.S. Civil War era Field Glasses circa 1860's

The dimensions are 5.75 inches x 4.5 inches x 2 inches.

Estate owned & believed to have belonged

to a member of the Little Clan of Winchester, Ky. Confederate or Union

This family does not seem to know, since Kentucky was a buffer state and Union and

Confederate recruiter's both operated within this state at the same time , it is hard to tell.

These field glasses are constructed of mostly Brass with a iron or steel frame, the area w the hands would rest, is wrapped with what seems to be Gutta-Percha .

All of the Lenses are intact, these Field Glasses have not been restored, they are a little worse for wear but they are original , none the less.

Please note, on the underside of the middle strut of the frame just above the adjuster or knurl knob is the only marking on this pair of field glasses that I can find, it is that of a single ( 5). T is also a slight denting of the eye cups, this pair are not pristine by any means, but if they were they would not have a story to tell!

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