Civil War Era Quilt INSIDE a Quilt Hidden History UNIQUE ANTIQUE FIND 72 X 66

This is an amazing find I came across over 20 years ago and it has been in storage the last 11 years. PLEASE view all the photos close up and ask for more if needed and ask questions. I will try to tell you what I do know about this quilt. IT HAS A QUILT INSIDE IT. That is the plus of the rips and tears that were on it when I got it. I can not pull back to see the entire inner quilt design or materials and stitching due to the outer one hand tasseled. I have never taken this apart to see the entire inner quilt, it has multi rips and tears from what I can see on edges, and has batting inside it. It has been washed in regular washing but that was long before it was put in storage with several other family member items. The outer quilt shows stains, some like rust, some spotting stains. It was being used as a packing quilt before I obtained /rescued it. The inside quilt is civil war or before era. The outer quilt was done after the turn of the century (I was told about 1920's) and has wonderful linen floral and purple on the reverse. It's a great item for study, collections, show, USE, or to repair on the outside to once again hide/preserve the one within. It is a heavy quilt and hand stitched throughout. My measurements are approximate (72" X 66"). Several times I have been tempted to take this apart to see the cloths and design of ... read more