Civil War Era Silver Lead Ore Bullet North Carolina #2


This historic specimen of silver / lead ore is from the Silver Hill Mine (Kings mine and later Washington silver mine) Davidson Co. North Carolina. The mine was opened in 1838 to extract the silver from the ore with lead as a by-product.

During the Civil War this mine was the only mine to stay open and was worked by the miners and soldiers. Due to the northâe(tm)s blockade of the southern coast the confederacy couldnâe(tm)t get the needed lead for munitions. With the immediate need for the lead from this mine to make bullets, the confederates didnâe(tm)t have time to separate the silver out. The ore from this mine was running 70% lead with 30% silver and a trace amount of gold. This means that the south was shooting silver bullets. This comes in handy just in case t was any werewolf Yankees.

This is a high-grade ore that was hand cobbled due to its high silver content. The ore specimen is very dense and heavy for itâe(tm)s size. This ore rock weighs 1 pounds, 12 ounces.

This silver/lead ore specimen is a must for the metals collector or the Civil War artifact collector.

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