Civil War Letter 1863 Alexandria Virginia Christmas Pie

An original Civil War letter which is dated December 17th 1863 Camp Near Alexandria Vir. The letter reads as follows:

Dear Mother

this is with Pleasure I take my pen in hand to let thee know that I am well did received thy last letter and should have answered before this But never got time well we Are getting along old fashined poor and ....has his Wife and two boys with him at present Itell thee she is a rowser weighing 180 pounds they appear to get along right well together I have no news to send thee I guess thee knows that walker Hoopes has enlisted I had the pleasure of having a long talk to him not long ago I saw him in Camp Convalescent Since then he had Gone to fort lincoln and So George will have company John pinkerton is in the invalid Corpse And they are stationed at new york At present well mom I tell thee I want thee to send that Box right Away as Soon as thee can get it Ready after this reaches thee it dont Make any difference what it costs I want thee to send me a good Big one I tell thee what I want in one roast turkey weighing not less that ten pounds one pair of roast Chickens and Some good mince pies and 4 pounds of good fresh Butter and whatever thee chooses to Send and tell minsh I think he Might Send me a half gallon of the Best he has to drink on christmas I want thee to be Sure and direct
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