is an interesting, Genuine Civil War Letter by John W Pitridge, U.S. Army Co. H. 5th Regiment Vermont Volunteer Infantry. This letter is written to his parents on May 13 1863. It is 1 sheet, folded in half ,with writing on 4 sides... Read the letter to see some of the details below. This letter is an insightful look into this historical period and should be a proud addition to any Civil War Collection. are some details.

Camp of the 5 th VT

May 13 1863

Dear Parents tis with much pleasher that I right to let you no that I am well and hope thes few lines will find you the saim and all of the rest of the folks up t that I no to be frends to me. Well I suppose you air having nice wether for Spring work and other business to. Wellwe air having nice wether for for spring work and it is fighting our work is. But it is getting Pirty hot down hear for us to march with 8 days rations in our knapsacks and harversacks to. But I guess we can stand it for a spell eneway if no longer. Se we don't cair much about it. We will jest let them do jest as they air aminto for all we cair. Well I don't know hardly what to right only give my love to all hoo no me and tell them to right to me if they want to hear from me and if they don't they may jest go to hell or som other plase that will sute them beter or worse. Jest do as they
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