1 pg part-printed letter, approx. 8-1/8" x 10-3/8", with printed heading: "Treasury Department, Second Auditor's Office", (Washington, D.C.), and dated Oct. 11, 1867, from E.B. French, the Second Auditor of the Treasury Department (the Second Auditor handled Army accounts for the U.S. Treasury Department), with printed facsimile signature, to "Captain Robert P. Bush, Company E, 185 New York Infantry"

The addressee, Robert P. Bush , (1842-1923), had a distinguished fighting career in the Civil War. At the outbreak of the war, he enlisted as a Private in the 12th Regt. N.Y. Volunteers, and fought in the Battles of Bull Run, Yorktown, the Seven Days', Fredericksburg & Antietam. At the end of his term of service, he reenlisted in the 185th N.Y. Regt., becoming Captain on Sept. 17, 1864, and Major on Jan. 1, 1865. While with the 185th NY, he was much action at Petersburg, Va., with the 5th Army Corps, and was taken prisoner at the Battle of Hatcher's Run, in early Feb., 1865, and was subsequently exchanged.

This letter concerns Bush's Company returns for Ordnance & Ordnance Stores for last few months he was Captain of Co. E, 185th NY. (note that although Bush held the rank of Major, the letter is addressed to him as Captain because this matter concerns his Returns as a Captain of Co. "E"). The letter, written
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