From an old estate sale near Richmond, VA -- w/ several other Civil War items including cannon balls, swords, and guns.
Other pike in lot was marked "Weldon Ironworks" -- and sold on eBay.
Pikes were the poor man's weapon -- the South relying on them early, and then again late in the War. We believe this obviously old, but unmarked Confederate Pike was made late in the War to defend Richmond -- either at Weldon or other nearby locality.
The Weldon Railroad was a vital link in the Rebel supply system in 1864-65. The town & its railroads were heavily defended, and the First Battle of Weldon Railroad came in June, 1864 when federal cavalry tried to cut the supply line to Lee's Army in Petersburg. It was a Confederate victory, but cost some 4000 casualties.
Weldon was a vital rail link supplying Lee's Army farther south. Thru traffic, repair works -- and ironworks -- grew all during the War, but especially in the late stages. By then, pikes were being made to arm not only Lee's Army but civilians in the trenches around Petersburg and Richmond. The battlefield was limited now so most were used near their point of manufacture.
Reference Works / Documentation
Two definitive texts on Civil War polearms are "American Polearms 1526-1865" by Rodney H. Brown, and "Confederate Edged Weapons" by William Albaugh
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