Civil War SharpShooter Carbine Scout Sniper Glasses


-Original Civil War SharpShooter Carbine Scout Sniper Glasses-

- These Sharp Shooter Glasses have no reserve -

- Authentic Etched Amber Sniper Glasses with Case -

1861-64 Civil War, Scout, Sniper equiptment. Rare Issue.

This is a incredible pair of Civil War Sharp Shooter/Sniper glasses. These would be used often by Scouts. The lenses are amber glass that are etched around the perimeter. This allows light into the eye but limits peripheral vision and distraction. All serving to increase the debth of field for the shooter. Comes with the origional case

Rarity - Very Rare. These are in the best origional condition I have seen listed on Ebay.

This a a great find for a Civil War collector. I am positive that it is authentic. This could be the crowning piece for any civil war display on shooting. From Wikipedia:

The sharpshooters used by both sides in the Civil War were less used as snipers and more as skirmishers and scouts. These elite troops were well equipped and trained, and placed at the front of any column to first engage the enemy. The most notable sharpshooter units of the Civil War were the 1st and 2nd United States Sharpshooters (USSS), who were formed from all states under the command of Hiram Berdan, who was reputed to be the best amateur marksman

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