Civil War token Army & Navy 1863 Union Shield crossed swords

Please note: I ship to USA only.

This coin is from a small estate collection. I have no provenance for it.

For sale is Civil War token likely to have been issued in 1863. It says "Army & Navy" along with crossed swords and a wreath on one side. The other side has an eagle perched on a shield labeled "Union" as well as wreath around the perimeter.

Please see the photos for the condition. It appears that there is slight wear on the token. Dots above and below "UNION" appear to be slightly flattened. The center column on the lower portion of the sheilds shows the three lines disappearing at towards the top and there is a small chop mark in that area at the top. I needed a magnifying glass and flashlight to discover it.

My scale indicates a "weight" of 3.62 grams.

Please ask any questions you might have prior to bidding.

Thank you. Seller's reference number: 17.0104