Civil War vet Crannell, Indiana signd BETWEEN THE LINES

Here is a great addition for any Civil War library...the book is a nice addition and its original owner, who signed and dated it, is a Civil War veteran of greatness, not to mention his tremendous business success in the gas drilling business afterward. The book is:
BETWEEN THE LINES. A Story of the War. By Captain Charles King , U.S.A. Author of "A War-Time Wooing" etc. Illustrated. Harper & Brothers: NY. (1888). A First Edition but not a First Printing. This copy was owned by Almeron H. Crannell of Hartford City, Indiana who acquired the book in 1894. The book is in very nice condition with no serious flaws. One of the illustrations (page 202) was loose but has been tipped back into the book. The main wear to the book is shelf wear. There is about a one inch crack on the inside back cover at the gutter. This copy is easily very good and probably better. The owner, Civil War veteran, autograph is the nice touch for this book.
First, the details on the owner:
Almeron H. Crannell , shown in the last scan next to his name, etc. on the blank front end page, was a Union soldier, a private in the 27th New York Infantry. He was captured at the Battle of Bull Run. Paroled, he returned to New York and enlisted in the Union Navy. After the war, he moved to Indiana where he became a driller. At the age of 45 he was hired
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