Claire Taylor Ethnic AA Biracial Reborn FAKE Baby AYDEN

Claire Taylor Ethnic AA Biracial Reborn FAKE Baby AYDEN

Hi I'm Millie and although I am new to eBay,

I have been making babies for many years and reborns for the p ast 2 years.

I usually sell locally but I have decided to give eBay a try.

I started with a wonderfully sculpted baby kit,

Ayden by Claire Taylor

I applied many layers of heat set paints to create a very realistic skin tone.

Your beautiful baby Ayden will come home to you with all you see in the pictures and birth announcement.

Baby Details

vinyl limbs: ¾ arms and full legs

Disc jointed DOE SUEDE BODY

realistically painted with Genesis Heat Set paints

Painted eyebrows

Directionally Rooted Micro Rooted Premium Mohair Sealed with Waterproof glue


crystal glass hazle eyes

realistic baby skin tone

Subtil veins

Spit bubbles

Carefully manicured nails, half moons and freshly clipped look

This is a breather, baby has open nostrils backed with felt

Realistically weighted with ultra fine glass bead and poly pellets.

T is no sand in my dolls!!

Top Quality Premium Angora Mohair

Magnetic Pacifier (Can be removed upon request)

and is the perfect size 22" and 6lbs 1 oz.

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