Clarence Darrow Scopes Trial Lawyer Photo Matted


Clarence Darrow Scopes Trial Lawyer photo (REPRINT) matted. Overall size 14" x 11" ready for framing. Photo is shown with black matt also available with a white matt upon request.

Please note this is a REPRINT!


American lawyer bowrn in Kinsman, Ohio. Adm. to bar (1878) and practiced in Chicago (from 1887). Prominent as member of counsel for Eugene V. Debs, Socialist leader indicted (1894) for conspiracy in the Railroad Union case; chief counsel for labor intrests in anthracite strike arbitration proceedings at Scranton, Pa. (1902-03). Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, charged with killing Bobbie Franks (1924), John T. Scopes of Dayton, Tenn., charged with violating state law forbidding teaching of evolution in public schools (1925).