Clarice Cliff Gayday Bizarre Cake Stand or Plate

This delightful Clarice Cliff cake stand, or footed sandwich plate, is painted in the popular Gayday design from 1930. It is clearly marked with the Bizarre backstamp, Wilkinson's Ltd and has an impressed 330A on the reverse.
It stands at just over 4 inches high and measures approx. 11.5" x 5.5" across. The foot is metal, or EPNS, impressed on the outer edge with what I assume is a silver plate mark.
There is a tiny bit of paint loss to the blue flower at the right (photo 2) and a sliver chip on the reverse inner raised edge (photo 2) but neither of these very slight imperfections detract in any way from what is otherwise a clean, brightly painted piece of Clarice. The enamels are very thickly applied and are deep and bold in texture and colour, with none of the fading one sometimes finds on the purple or blue with this pattern. There are no restoration, overpainting, cracks or hairlines.
The shape is unusual and very eye-catching. It would look superb at Christmas with some cupcakes on, though it would be a pity to obscure the design!
There is no reserve on this lovely, original piece of Clarice Cliff.

The sliver chip is shown in photo 3, not 2. It is on the inner rim on the back of the plate, not on the edge. It is hardly noticeable.