Clark Gable Autograph Signature,Signed Bank Check N.R.!

is a genuine personal check belonging to Clark Gable, & of course bearing his signature. It is from his account at the Security First National Bank Of Los Angeles, Hollywood & Highland Branch, California.

It is dated February 15, 1945, and it's made out to W.H. Gable for $200.00.

In case you don't know, W.H. Gable was William H. Gable, who was Clark's father. Clark Gable was born in Cadiz, Ohio, on February 1, 1901. When he was ten months old, Gable's mother died, probably of an aggressive brain tumor. In April 1903, Gable's father Will married Jennie Dunlap, whose family came from the small neighboring Ohio town of Hopedale. His father purchased land t and built a house and the new Gable family settled in. In 1917, when Clark was in high school, his father's business had financial difficulties. Will decided to try his hand at farming and the family moved to Ravenna, just outside of Akron. T Clark had trouble settling down; he soon left school to work in Akron's tire factories.

The endorsement signature on the back is signed W.H Gable, so you are getting Gable's father's autograph as well. While W.H. Gable was not really a celebrity, this is a father & son combo on one document(but different sides of course).

This check is in very good cond., & has normal period bank payment processing
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