Clark Weber Rock Radio Show - WLS Chicago 8/28/1967

Actual Broadcast Recording (Aircheck)
Station: 50,000 Watt Giant -- WLS Location: Chicago, IllinoisDate of broadcast: 28 August, 1967
DJ: Clark Weber RIR Release: #321 Length: 60 minutes (digitally remastered and placed on CD at our studios at Rock-it Radio on 2 Compact Disks.

is a classic recording remastered and placed on CD and a true flashback to the Midwest Giant -- WLS in Chicago, Illinois. With Clark Weber one of the daytime Jocks of WLS playing the Top 40 tunes of the day from the Late summer of 1967. This is a great way to learn or remember how Radio truly was! Come remember or remember this groovy era in music. Some of the songs in this show aren't heard in oldies radio stations today, eventhough they did make the top 40 countdown. is the playlist of what you will hear on this show.

1. Starts off with DJ talking...these are the sounds of The Pieces Of Eight "Lonely Drifter" song
2. WLS Jingle and ID
3. Ad for Carol Red's Clothing--at the Dixie Square Shopping Center..
4. Ad for Swing music next Monday
5. Weather
6. The Association "Cherish" song ...that's some mellow stuff for this early in the morning...
7. Temperature is discussed
8. "...See the Galant Man of Olds" advertisement
9. WLS News: Deputy charged with wreckless homicide (headline)
10. Real Lemon advertisement
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