Classic Bell System films on DVD - Volume 2

Classic Bell System Films
Volume 2

Back in the years before it was broken apart, the Bell System produced numerous films to explain how the phone system worked, and to extol the many benefits of Ma Bell. are seven of these films gatd together on DVD:


Did you know that t are 433 parts in a telephone? Neither did an advertising executive in this 1947 film. An animated character shows him how raw materials are turned into a desk telephone, with a combination of cel and stop-motion animation. Great fun! 10 minutes.


The town of Englewood, NJ may look like a typical suburban setting, but it's the first town in the world to enjoy long distance direct dialing. After a brief history of major telephone milestones, this 1951 film shows how people across the country will soon be able to dial their long distance calls. Did you now the first area code for San Francisco was 318? 10 minutes.


This 1950 film highlights the recent advantages in local and long distance service, with the new transistor replacing vacuum tubes in repeater circuits for better clarity. New cables mean less telephone poles, and coaxial circuits can carry 1,800 calls. Even better is the new crossbar switch that allows operators to automatically dial long distance calls.


This vocational guidance film examines the careers available in the telephone and telegraph industries. Produced in 1946 it has some rather sexist viewpoints. For example, while men can be "general executives" and engineers, women were relegated to operator and accounting positions. 10 minutes.


Three short training films (Cord Signals, Dialing and Teamwork) show how operators use their equipment to efficiently route long distance calls in the late 1940s. Approximately 14 minutes total.

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