The CLASSIC CAR - MAR 1969 - 1932 Delarge D85 Roads +++

The Classic Car, March 1969 Vol.XVII No.1

A publication of the Classic Car Club of America

Cover: 1932 delage D85 Grand Sport Roadster.

Rear Cover: Hispano-Suiza 1932 CU-54 Cabriolet.

the story of the Holdbrook company of Hudson New York.

1932 Lincoln Salon Body Styles.

The Classic Mechanic.

Lots of other Cars and Information. Car ads from the 20s - 40s. Informative articles and stories of several cars.

Just some of the classic cars of the era; Franklin, Packard, Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, Cord, Lincoln, Stuts, Chrysler, Ruxton, Marmon, Frazer. Nash, Alfa-Romero, Pierce, Bugatti, Duesenberg, Oldsmobile, Wills Sainte Claire, Cadillac, Buick and more.

48 pages of usefull, possibly forgotten information on 1925 to 1942 Classic cars in this 42 year old publication.

The Classic Car magazine is the ultimate in information and in depth articles and information about the vintage cars we all love, and that is why so many collect the back issues.

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