Classic German Dresden Porcelain Napoleon Piece!

You are bidding on ITEM: Porc-Dres-Nap2 a Mint condition Authentic Cobalt Dresden of Napoleon on Horseback.. You can thank the Alchemists of Europe for the discovery of porcelain, during their quest to make gold from other elements they accidently discovered Porcelain instead. You might even say they were successful in their attempts to make gold, as porcelain is certainly a treasure for mankind. We guarantee the Authenticity of all of our Dresden pieces. This Piece measures: 11" Tall X 5" Wide. Price too High? Call us and make an offer!

Whoever coined the expression, "what's a pretty plate with nothing on it," clearly never had the privilege of handling a piece of Dresden china. The term "Dresden porcelain" refers more to an artistic movement than a particular line of figurines or dinnerware. Several decorating studios emerged in this Saxony capital in response to the rise of "Romanticism" during the 19 th century. Dresden was an important center of this artistic, cultural and intellectual movement, which attracted painters, sculptors, poets, philosophers and porcelain decorators alike. In 1883, in response to the exciting developments happening all around them, four prominent ceramic decorators registered the famous blue crown Dresden mark, and the widely popular "Dresden style" was born. To view Dresden porcelain marks,
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