Classic Medieval Pole Weapon - Viking Spear

Classic Medieval Pole Weapon - Viking Spear Made locally in Arizona by legendary Blade Smith Kirby D. Wise - The spear was one of two weapons that were typically favored by Vikings, the other being an axe. This Viking Spear is a simple and straight-forward weapon that's direct and to-the-point, featuring an effective tip for jabbing, stabbing, and thrusting. This spear is relatively simple in design, as the Vikings were typically more concerned with weapons that worked, as opposed to weapons that looked overly decorative. Thus, the spear has a functional, almost sword-like tip with flared bottom edges, which improves the spear's weight and impact, while also ensuring that when properly wielded, it delivers a wider and more effective thrust. This spear has a carbon steel head that measures approximately 15.5" long, while the included hardwood haft measures approximately 72" long. Used. Tag Words: Fantasy, Medieval, Weaponry, LARP, Mil Sim, Role Play, Knight, Viking, Arms, Foil, Steel, Rapier, Metallurgy, Voulge, Scimitar, Sabre, Indonesia, Japanese, Ninja, Katana, Sai, Trident, Trisula, Axe, Battle B6890 340a SWW