Finally! A simple way to re-cover drums without removing the old wrap that can sometimes be impossible to remove. I have spent hours and hours with heat guns and putty knives trying to pry off the old wrap and usally taking some of the wood with it! I have searched high and low and found a strong, thin, plastic laminate sparkle wrap that looks amazing! You just remove all the hardware, clean the old wrap, take the hi-bond adhesive liner off the wrap a little at a time, smooth it on, and WOW! The results are amazing. I was shocked at how the first kit I re-wrapped turned out. My pink champagne Sparkle looks like "Crushed Glass"! (THIS IS NOT A MULTI-COLOR HORRIBLE LOOKING HOLOGRAPIC FINISH! THIS IS AN ULTRA METALLIC METAL FLAKE) It has a clear, glossy protective laminate overcoat applied to protect it from scratching, fading, and UV rays. And by wrapping over the old wrap, you don't risk changing the sound of the shell. You are putting a beautiful new surface on the old wrap. You can also wrap directly over bare wood and lacquered shells too. (I cover this in the instructions I provide) When I first tried the thick traditional wrap using hi-bond tape, the wrap was loose in the middle with air pockets. (and it's expensive) When I used the hi-bond glue, it had toxic fumes, I had to wear gloves and a mask, and its really difficult

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