Classic Pooh Bear & Friends Ceramic Miniature Figurines

Classic Pooh Bear & Friends Ceramic Miniature Figurines

Add the finishing touch to your Classic Winnie the Pooh Nursery or Your Classic Pooh Collection....

This 6 Piece Ceramic Miniature Figurine Set is from Charpente and will be the talk of your little gal or guy's nursery or the envy of Pooh Collectors.....

All the characters are gatd around so Christopher Robin can re-attach Eeyore's tail- one more time... Christopher is holding a hammer and tack-- Eeyore is checking to make sure his tail is secure- Tigger is pointing at all the excitement- Pooh and Piglet wait anxiously- Kanga and Roo have hopped in to see what all the fuss is about- and Rabbit is t holding his carrot securely!

Each figurine has felt on the bottom-- and each character, although, previously displayed looks BRAND NEW!

Each figurine stands no higher than 3" and they come with their original box!

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