Classic PORTUGAL Original TWA Airline POSTER 1960s Design DAVID KLEIN Travel VTG

Another Classic

TWA Travel Poster!

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Every week The EYE of KIEV brings you more exquisite antiques and collectibles gathered from some of the most exclusive estates in Southern California!

ITEM: This week The EYE of KEIV is offering 10 wonderful authentic vintage TWA Airline travel posters! Each poster is available in a separate auction, and the auction-times will be staggered to allow you to bid on one or more— or all of them! All auctions close between 6 and 7 PM, Sunday, so keep your eyes on The EYE of KEIV!

This auction is for one (1) poster: Portugal . (Last auction photograph merely shows the entire stock now available in separate auctions.)

GENERAL CONDITION: These are vintage posters dating from the 1960s; they all show signs of wear and tear. Generally, you can expect all posters to show evidence of: yellowing, dog-eared corners, pin-holes, and curling from being rolled-up for decades. Some posters have tears and stains, and in such instances these additional points will be discussed below under "Specific Condition". Where posters are torn, professional-grade acid-free artist's tape has been applied to prevent further damage; removal may cause further damage! However, professional framers will certainly be able to deal neatly with the situation when mounting poster
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