Classic STAR TREK Communicator Prop Replica


Here we have up for auction an extremely accurate re-creation of the original working, or

“Hero” version of the original classic STAR TREK Communicator props. This piece was

built from my licensed kit, which was actually cast directly from one of the only three

absolutely original pieces known to exist. I personally built this piece, and it incorporates all

of my “tricks-of-the-trade.) This is definitely one of the most difficult pieces for me to

part with, as it is as close to an original as I have ever seen.

As stated above, this is a working model, which is to say that the moiré pattern is

animated by use of a mechanical stopwatch. I even hunted down an appropriate

vintage stopwatch to add to the authenticity of your prop.

Upon examination of the inner workings, you will notice that the stopwatch extension

is of the appropriate “rigid” design. Regardless of what you may have seen/read on

the internet, the original design was created with a deliberate angle on the portion

of the control panel where the stopwatch was mounted. This was obviously well

thought out to allow for the brass tube (attached to the stopwatch crown-and used

to both wind, as well as stop, and start the watch for camera,
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