Classic Thunderbirds TV Series Movie Slot Machine - NR

New Model! - Classic Thunderbirds Slot Machine

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The year is 2065 on an island somew in the south Pacific lies the headquarters for a top secret organization, International Rescue. Their mission, to save the world from disaster! I proudly present one of the only copies to make it to our shore from Japan, the Thunderbirds.!

First on E-bay again !!! All the collector's boards have been waiting months for someone to get this machine into the country. That's how collectible and spectacular it is.. Our man in Japan has done it again. We are proud to be the first company on Ebay to bring this Super Collectible slot to you.

This slot machine features a little piece of true Americana. Jerry Anderson's famous "Thunderbirds" TV action adventure series. It is Officially Licensed and contains animated clips and scenes based on the series.

Lets begin by saying that in addition to it being one of the most collectible "themed" slots ever manufactured, it is also one of the most fun to play. This is the perfect slot for the gameroom. T's a bit of video so please be patient when downloading!

Video Clip

. As you can see from the video, the 7" LED screen is picture perfect, no bad pixels... true
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