Classic TV Retro Toy Commercials DVD 50s & 60s Collect!

Retro Christmas Toys of Yesterday" DVD!
Featuring Classic Television Commercials From the 50s & 60s For Retro Toys! You've seen the Flintstones commercial for Winston Cigarettes. You've hummed the jingle from the Oscar Meyer Weinee TV spot. They're all vintage classics.. but they just don't have that something. That old fashioned at home feeling that makes your cheeks glow and your heart tinge with that warm fuzzy feeling. That old feeling that you got at home on Christas morning when you were opening those retro toys. Yeah, that's it! That's the feeling! Now you can relive that, and remember all your old favorite toys, whether you still have them, want to re-collect them, or are happy just with your memories of them.. and fighting over them with your sibling! This DVD is packed to the brim of Santa's sack with those classic 50s & 60s toy commercials from vintage television, all on one quality DVD! Commercials included are:
Secret Sam Spy Kit
Gung Ho Commandoes
Lionel Trains
Roy Rogers Quick Shooter Coyboy Hat
Galloping Blaze Rocking Horse
Shrunken Head Toy
Snub Nosed .38 Special
Tommy Burst Machine Gun
Creep Crawlers Kids
Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots
Mr. Kelly's Car Wash
Spy Attache Case
G.I. Joe Action Figures
American Flyer Toy Train
Action Baseball
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