Classics Illustrated #10 Robinson Crusoe

Classics Illustrated? A way to bring the literature to children through Comic Books. The series of 169 issues began in 1941 and ended in 1969, thus they are between 37 and 65 years old. Now they are not only read but also prized by collectors. The better the condition, the higher the value.

I am by no means an expert on comics. I began reading Classics Illustrated in the late 40's and even used some for book reports (after reading the original, of course). In the late 50's, I began collecting them and was dismayed that that they were stopped in '69. The internet has allowed me to trade without having to drive and find book stores, thus my grandkids have their own sets now. You have the chance to bid on the extras. I love these comics and hope that anyone who bids and wins will take good care of them and READ them. To collect is fine, but to READ is better - so sometimes a worn copy may be less valuable while still being worth more when read.

If you win multiple auctions, please wait until I have a chance to send an invoice before sending payment . I will combine shipments to save on postage. A DISCOUNT on shipping is given on the following conditions: 1) All items are paid for at the same time (one transaction), and 2) All items shipped at same time (one package).

The picture is of the actual book being
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