Classy Glass Top Display CIGAR HUMIDOR w/FREE Solution

150 Count Western Glass Top Display Cigar Humidor

The humidor that we are offering in this auction is Western humidor that is skillfully hand-crafted with only fragrant premium kiln dried Spanish cedar. The quality of this humidor provides a perfect seal at the seams. F ragrant Spanish cedar lines this humidor and has been chosen for its great aging properties. To protect your cigars, this humidor is supplied with a quality Hygrometer, Temperature gauge and Humidifier. With these devices you can carefully measure and maintain the proper level of humidity, creating the perfect atmosp for your cigars. A gold plated lock, key, and quadrant hinges, secure the lid with a precision airtight seal.

This hand-crafted humidor was made to maintain a constant and hassle-free 70% humidity level. That environment allows for perfect aging, and superb taste for your tobacco. This humidor will add a touch of class and will be a focal point in any room you put it in due to its unique style and finish.

* Classy Glass Top Display

* H umidors are checked for perfect seal before shipment

* Brass quadrant hinge lid construction

* Completely lined w/ premium kiln dried Spanish cedar

* Four Spanish cedar dividers, two movable

* One large hygrometer for easy reading

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