5 CLASSY MAGAZINE 2007-2012 Big Japanese Women's Fashion Accessories Beauty

We have a wonderful timeless WOMEN'S FASHION ACCESSORIES & BEAUTY collectible with 5 CLASSY MAGAZINE- combined they weigh 13 pounds. These are Large-Sized JAPANESE LANGUAGE (very little English) Glossy Monthlies. For fabulous Designer House Clothing, ravishing Models, some 1000 vivid Color Pictures shot by world's finest Photographers, nobody beats these Classy editions- be it Still Shots, some Feature Scenes, or many Advertisements! FOR SALE MAGAZINES (listing code- year-month/condition/front cover model): 2007 (year)- 5 (May issue) VG (Very Good condition) no cover model credit in English, 6 E (Excellent) no cover model credit in English. 2008- 1 VG no cover model credit in English. 2010- 10 E no cover model credit in English. 2012- 5 E no cover model credit in English. PAYMENT: whatever methods eBay allows within 10 DAYS end of auction. SHIPPING WORLDWIDE: Purchaser pays postage costs via USPS- whatever speed/rate you desire, handling fee, plus free USA insurance. WINNING BIDDER: Congratulations! Any questions feel free to email us.