Clavia Nord Lead 3 Synthesizer (Analog Modeling / FM Synthesis 2 and 4 OP)

Hi all,
This synth needs no introduction, if you're here I guess you already know but just in case: /main.asp?tm=Products&clpm=Nord_Lead_3
NOTE: 2nd upper B key does not work! I assume this is a contact problem. There are many step by step instructions online on how to take off the keys and give it a proper clean which in most cases would fix a dead key issue. See the following thread 'fixing a dead nord key' /nord-electro-forum-f9/fixing-a-dead-key-on-nord-electro-2-73-t1661.html
I don't trust myself with this kind of operation so haven't given it a go! Other than this, it's in perfect working order and looks as new.
I bought this brand new about 8 years ago, and it's shamefully virtually never been used! The project it was bought for fell through, and after several house moves it ended up just being a ridiculously wasted midi controller for a couple of years. Never gigged, never played to its full potential so it's been long time coming to let it go.
Original box and power lead but NO MANUAL.
Collection from London SE24 or around £25 postage.
Thanks for looking :)