ClayMates House & 50 Claymates (Incl. extras!)

Clay M ates House & 50 C lay M ates

~ Includes Wooden House, 50 Clay Mates, 2 Screws for the House and 3 Clay Mates Boxes ~

There is a small dent on the roof of the claymates house (a picture is inluded of this) The 50 claymates inlcuded have been used before, and so some may be slightly broken (but I fixed them all! Just now they're not perfect... Sorry !) I added in the boxes incase you're a collector and wanted them too ^-^

Just for the record, I have another one of these houses up for sale , so if the claymates in this one aren't your style, or you already have them or something, please check it out ! It took me ages to set them all up for a photo... I do try! It has the same title as this one, thankyou for checking this item out!

Enjoy! <3

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