Nice Clean 1948 Singer 201 Treadle Sewing Machine Head

Nice Clean 1948 Singer 201 Treadle Sewing Machine Head5 1/6" of Space Under Foot! Best Machine Ever Made! Mouse over thumbnails for preview Click for larger image


Singer 201(K) S/N EE887873 1948 Treadle

Will accept a Motor or Crank if you want to convert it.

This Machine will sew light leather, tarps, sunbrella, tents, boat covers and sails, canvas, suede, heavy jeans, automotive upholstery, just about anything.

The serial number makes it built in the Kilbowie plant in Clydebank Scotland in 1950 making it 60 years young!

Includes The original Singer No. 201, a bobbin, a good treadle belt.

A beautiful machine that turns smoothly and sews a good stitch!

Will go up in value the longer you own it - not down.

This machine looks nice and is clean however it does have a few aesthetically rough spots which the pictures show well - I would rate its overall look as being between A- and B+. Guaranteed to please!

The 201 Model is considered by many to be the best machine ever made. It has metal driveshafts, class 66 bobbins available at any craft or sewing place including wal-mart, full rotary hook system,runs smooth and is clean. It is a full size machine with lowerable feed dog for embroidery and quilting. This machine will sew and penetrate dense
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