Rare! Clebar Swiss Alarm Watch Double Stem Style Nice!

Postal rates for Canada , USA& International countries listed below this ad description. These are onlya guide and rates differ between Provinces, USA States & International Countries, so wait to be invoiced at the end of the auction, or ask for a rate to you early. ONLY A 5 DAY AUCTION! BID EARLY & OFTEN TO SECURE YOUR BID! From my personal collection of old advertising, toys and collectables that I am thinning down over the next couple months comes, comes one watch from a large collection of old watches that I have accumulated over the years from auctions & estate sales etc, some are old, vintage, & advertising watches, can be combined with other watches to save on postage. This is a old quality watch, CLEBAR SWISS MADE and I have two of these style watches I will be listing, this being the first I got from a estate sale awhile back, they are a different design, first time in all my collecting travels I seen this style, I am not sure how it works or how to set the alarm on it, it winds hard, but it works and keep good time, there are two stems, on this you wind the bottom, and set its time, the top , the other will wind, but not sure if you are suppose to set the alarm with that one or not, I can't get the back off, because not sure if you need a big nut style wrench to open it or snap it off, never forced



Rates vary, and only a guide, wait to be invoiced at auction end, or e-mail me for your rate.

Post Going To USA : $8.50 Air Post no insurance or tracking number or you can send it $17.00 USA Expedited Parcel insured & tracking number your choice.

Post Going To Canada : $12.50 to $15.00 Expedited Parcel insured & tracking number depends on province.

Post Going To All International Countries: $9.75 Air Letter Post no insurance or tracking number, rates vary for most countries, e-mail me for rate, guide only

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As I mentioned above sold as is, as seen, as found, to the best of my knowledge! I try to explain every item fully in my description, if you don’t look over the pictures and ask questions early prior to bidding, that’s not sellers fault, and the seller is not responsible. Most items are purchased at estate sales and auctions, & my personal collection, and most items are up to 100 years old in some cases. Unless it’s something I overlooked then we can work something out. I am known for being the best wrapper on e-Bay so your item will be well packed and wrapped, no matter what you pay for it, I take pride in wrapping profe...
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