RARE CLEVELAND'S 1/4 LB SUPERIOR BAKING POWDER CAN. the can is from CLEVELAND BAKING POWDER CO. New York, Successor to CLEVELAND BROTHERS. The back of the label contains General Directions, Biscuit Recipe, Muffin Recipe, and all the ingredients in the baking powder. This can was had been used to hold toy train parts in a box of original toy trains Everything else in the box dated back to 1919, including a newspaper. I could find virtually nothing about this company, except that it was in business in the 1800's. The thing I find very odd is the 16114 that appears to be a sequential number printed on the back of the can. Whether this is a batch number, can number, or date is somewhat of a mystery. The pictures accurately depict the condition of the can which could not be opened without breaking the label. NOTE: I try to get every sale in the mail on the day following payment, and if possible, I notify the recipient of its actual or pending posting. I always use delivery confirmation, so if your piece doesn't show up in a week, send me an email. I have had a few cases w delivery has been attempted, and the piece has been returned to the post office. DON'T WAIT. I assume no liability for loss, once the auction is placed in the hands of the shipper. Check out my other items !

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