We offer 21 early photography items in the auction format every week. In addition, we list several BUY IT NOW features. VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPH FEATURING YOUNG WOMEN AND SNOWSHOES. What appears to be a sorority banner is being held by the 2 women seated at bottom in center. In front of the women are 13 bottles of CLICQUOT CLUB GINGER ALE. Perhaps this was an advertising photograph for the company or it's radio program, Clicquot Club Eskimos (see information below). Handwritten on back of the mount: "Colby College 1923." There is also other handwriting which seems to reflect some sort of transaction, perhaps for the photo. We can only decipher some of it: "Doris Dickey. 3/8 .... C... Me. Paid." BLINDSTAMP on mount: "Preble. WATERVILLE ME." SIZE. The photo alone is approximately 4 1/4 x 6 3/8 inches. The mount is approximately 8 x 10 1/2 inches. CONDITION. Photograph is in very good to excellent condition. Mount has some discoloration around the edges and a few very tiny spots. Back is stained. APPEARANCE. Sharp and clean - excellent appearance. Great content. "The Clicquot Club Company, also known as Clicquot Club Beverages, pronounced Klee-Ko and sometimes spelled Cliquot, was a national beverage company that sold several varieties of soda. After 80 years of operation, the company was bought and shut down by Canada Dry in 1965... The ... read more