Clinchfield Railroad Engine Number Boards #2009

Clinchfield Railroad Engine Number Boards #2009
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Clinchfield Railroad Engine Number Boards #2009
� These number boards are the actual boads that came off of this engine.
� When Clinchfield merged with CSX, all the engine numbers had to be changed.
� We were lucky enough to accquire several of the number boards. This is one set,
� They are 11 X 30 1/2 inches.
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� New, Old Stock. Never run, never displayed (unless otherwise noted).
� Comes with the factory box. Excellent condition.
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� If kit has not been opened, we photo only the box. If it has been been opened, we also photo the contents.
� Because of their age, we cannot guarantee that each and every piece is still intact.
� Every item SOLD AS IS.
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